The Three-Factor Model

in water investing

The Summit Water Infrastructure Multifactor ETF (NYSE Arca: WTRX) delivers exposure to the Summit Zacks Global Water Index (NYSE: ZAXWTRX), which tracks the performance of publicly listed U.S. and international companies with a significant portion of their business activities dedicated to the global water industry.

The Index utilizes a transparent, rules-based methodology to incorporate fundamental factors that have been strong historical indicators of the long-term performance of water equities. The Index is comprised of approximately 30 to 50 equities selected from a stringently defined universe of global water companies, and is rebalanced on a quarterly basis to incorporate the latest financial data into the screening process. The Index methodology was designed by Summit Water Capital Advisors, the index creator, in conjunction with Zacks Index Services, the index provider, through rigorous testing to determine the Three-Factor Model most relevant to company valuation and profitability in the global water industry.